Mirrored Headboard

Are you looking for the perfect mirrored headboard for your bed that adds presence to your bedroom? Discover our high quality and stylish selections of headboards in versatile designs, beautiful shapes and alluring finishes. We are bringing only the best and latest pieces from the top brand names.

Aimee Mirrored King Headboard
Aimee Mirrored King Headboard
Bring home Aimee Mirrored King Headboard by DUSX and make your bed the focal point of your scheme with this sleek headboard. It is made from composite wood and mirrored glass. It features a silver fin
A mirrored headboard can radiantly alter the appearance of your bedroom. It automatically shines the spotlight on the bed, turning it into the room’s focal point. This type of headboard works with all décor styles. So it doesn’t matter whether the predominant style in the bedroom is traditional, contemporary, transitional, country or any other. The headboard will blend right in and add to the room’s personality.

Mirrored headboards are designed and styled in many different ways to cater for the diverse preferences of each customer. Clear mirrored headboards go well with a modern bedroom layout. The clear mirror emphasizes the clean look ad lines of contemporary design and is best complemented by a modern dresser, wardrobe, and other contemporary bedroom accents and furniture. For a bolder look, choose a headboard with a coloured or opaque mirrored surface. White, black, brown and silver mirror surfaces look especially beautiful and can be complemented by furniture in a broad range of colours. These types of mirrored headboards go well with traditional décor styles and may be used in the bedroom to give hints of a country style, vintage style, or traditional style.

You may choose to enhance the mirrored headboard by highlighting the edge with trim detailing. Using upholstered patches to separate the mirrored bits from the non-mirrored ones is another way of enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the headboard. But, should you choose to leave your mirrored headboard plain, there will be no harm in this, as the headboard is just as decorative in its ‘plain state’. Another way to make the headboard stand out is by choosing a frame in a bright and contrasting colour.

When choosing a mirrored headboard for your bed, apply all the considerations you would use when buying a regular headboard. Save for its unique mirror surface, the mirrored headboard will, after all, serve the purpose of any other headboard. Basic guidelines to abide by include ensuring that the headboard does not extend beyond the width of the bed. And unless you are buying a tall headboard, keep the height reasonable in relation to the available vertical space and overall size of the bedroom. An overly tall mirrored headboard in a small room only serves to make the space appear more cramped, but in a large room with a high ceiling, it’s a steal. The trick is in finding the balance. Find it and your mirrored headboard will become the show-stopper in the room.

Don’t feel the pressure to buy mirrored bedroom furniture to complement the mirrored headboard because, frankly, it’s unnecessary. However, a matching pair of mirrored bedside tables will bring harmony and give the bed a well-put-together look. The tables can have the same mirror glass used on the headboard or they can have a different type of mirror. For an exact matching look, pick a mirrored headboard that’s sold as part of a bedroom set. Here, the bedside tables, dresser, and wardrobe, even when they’re non-mirrored, automatically complement the headboard. Remember to compare different headboards before picking one, so you can have more variety to choose from.