Mirrored Dressing Tables

There is an exciting new trend that is developing in the world of interior design, which essentially has to do with mirrored dressing tables. Over the years, interior design has gotten to a point where the old style simply did not matter anymore. People didn’t want to see thick, chunky designs; they wanted sleekness. The sixties were the source of this craze with the world looking to a bold and different future for the very first time. Slowly but surely, all aesthetics moved towards a shinier future, and dressing tables followed the flow with ease.

The Origin
In the sixties, people started to experience a major shift in the way they thought about things. Before, people thought of themselves and society in general in a very self-centred manner, which gave rise to the old-school aesthetic that a lot of people may be familiar with. This aesthetic involved items that were large and almost aggressive in their capacity and seemed to fill up the room to imply dominance. Items had a single function and nothing more as people did not feel the need to give things multiple functions in any way.

However, the sixties brought rise to the space age. When the first man stepped on the moon, the world was forever changed. We were reminded of how miniscule we are in the grand scheme of things and how everything we do is pretty much meaningless if we look at it from a galactic perspective. Hence, our aesthetic appeal started to shift as well. We began to favour sleeker and more functional modes of decoration and strived to create items that would serve multiple purposes rather than just one. In doing so, we gave rise to the aesthetic that would eventually birth the miracle of modern interior design that is the mirrored dressing table.

As things started to look towards the future, people started to prefer things that would take up less space. Life got more fast-paced and less luxurious, and trends shifted to favour those items that would be sleek and not take up all that much room. These are things that dressing tables exemplify in pretty much every single way, so the fact that they have become such an incredible trend nowadays is not something that should surprise anyone.

Why Are They So Popular?
There is a general sense of inquiry regarding what purpose mirrored dressing tables serve. Why would one choose to get a decoration such as this? There are many reasons that this kind of furniture has become so popular in contemporary interior design.

The first and perhaps most obvious reason is the way these tables look. They have an amazing feel to them, and they add a sort of aesthetic appeal to your overall ambiance that is quite striking. Entering a room with a mirrored dressing table will enable you to feel like you have walked into a very modern, high-tech room – the sort of room where you can experience new and different things. The constant search for stimulation has led to these kinds of dressers becoming quite popular as they offer the room they are in an air of mystique and panache.

Why is it so popular? Because its so unique. You have probably seen dozens of different kinds of dressing tables over your life, but you have probably never seen one that was composed entirely of mirrors. Hence, when you walk into a room that has a mirrored piece, you are struck by its uniqueness and you feel intrigued.

If there is one thing that people need these days, it’s individuality. This is the pursuit of pretty much every single human being. We are so widespread and there are so many of us out there that the only thing that would give us even the slightest modicum of satisfaction is the thought of being different from everyone else. Dressing tables made of mirrors are a great way to set you apart from the pack.

The Functional Aspects
Now that the more philosophical elements are out of the way, the functional aspects of these tables must be discussed. The most obvious functional aspect is that with a mirrored dressing table, you no longer have the need for actual mirrors. Instead, you can just use the mirrors incorporated into your table, thus saving you room and giving you an interesting way to look at yourself from a number of different angles.

In addition to this, mirrors generally give the room a more spacious and roomier feel. This is a sort of optical illusion that allows you to feel like you are in a big room even if the room you are in is quite cramped. The old days where big houses were easy to come by are long gone. These days, people make do with much smaller dwellings. Hence, the fact that mirrored dressing tables allow us to feel like we are in roomier quarters has certainly contributed a great deal to their overall popularity.

The Future
It is safe to say that these tables are here to stay. With the interesting way they fit into modern public consciousness and so beautifully reflect all of our innermost needs, these tables are sure to remain an important part of our decorative future. The decadence and sleekness these tables offer are very unique and thus, this table is sure to be seen in a great many more homes as it spreads out more and more.

With the upcoming arrival of technology incorporated in furniture, mirrored dressing tables can form an interesting introduction into the future that we have all been waiting for, where our mirrors might just come to life.