Mirrored Coffee Tables

As of late, there has been a rather new entry into the world of interior design, one that has made many waves and, at the same time, has managed to create a niche for itself that is growing at a rapid pace. Soon, this niche will become a mainstream trend, which is called mirrored coffee tables. This craze is sweeping the world of interior design, with decorators from around the world becoming enamoured with the idea of bedecking rooms they are working on with beautiful mirrors that would sparkle and shine.

The Benefits of Mirrored Coffee Tables
Coffee tables are essentially standard tables that are supposed to fill up some space in your living room. If used properly, they can create a lovely, warm ambiance in a room that is frequented by guests you might have to entertain. However, a major problem with such tables is that they are often quite bland and as a result, you might have difficulty using them to their full potential. Often, you would have to force the tables into the overall theme of the room you are trying to create.

The main benefit of using mirrored coffee tables is that you get a piece of decoration that offers a very versatile aesthetic. Mirrors, quite literally, mirror whatever is around them. Hence, you can incorporate them into a variety of different styles. Even if you are a little old-school and prefer styles that are not all that modern, mirrored coffee tables can enhance the homely vibe of your living room and make it so that when you entertain guests, they are treated to a real spectacle – a treat for the eyes!

Mirrored furniture also helps make the room you are in seem a lot more spacious. In general, large houses are difficult to come by these days. A couple decades ago, getting a big house would not have been all that difficult, particularly when one took into consideration the excellent economy that was being enjoyed. However, with the rise of real estate prices, you might find it quite difficult to get anything more than a small house if you are lucky or, more likely, a small and fairly cramped apartment. With mirrored coffee tables, you can enhance the space you are presenting. People can often get by with no more than a little space, so if you have a room that is cramped, you might not be in such a bad situation after all. It’s more about perception than actual functionality at the end of the day. Hence, by using mirrored coffee tables, you can offset any feeling of claustrophobia your guests might experience, thus giving them a great deal more comfort.

In this manner, mirrored coffee tables can help you nail the aesthetic you are trying to achieve and get you the respect you deserve from whoever you have coming over. This is why this new style of decoration is becoming such a trend.

Problems to Consider
Mirrored coffee tables are a great addition to your living room or any other space you place them in, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t come with their own specific faults. In a lot of situations, mirrored coffee tables might actually be a problem, and the hassle involved in using them should certainly be taken into consideration.

First of all, mirrors on a surface can end up becoming quite distracting. This can be a real problem if you are trying to watch TV. The images from your TV might reflect off of the surface, making it difficult for you to concentrate on whatever it is you are watching. If you are hosting people for a sports game, this can prove to be particularly troublesome as the people you have coming over would be annoyed by how difficult it is to focus on something so important.

This con can be offset by covering up the table. After all, you don’t need the shiny, sparkling effect of the mirrored coffee table at all times. You can use it as and when needed instead.

Another problem you might face has to do with the fragile nature of glass in general. Glass is the sort of thing that can break with ease, particularly when used on something like a coffee table. If you place a cup or glass onto the table with too much force, it might crack, and this can really ruin the vibe you are trying to create by using the table in the first place. Repairing cracks like this can be really difficult, and you might just have to get the mirror completely replaced. You can take care of this problem in advance by using sturdier tables, and you can also cover your tables in plastic sheets that would not take away from the brilliance of the mirrors but would also provide a layer of protection for the glass.

You should keep in mind that mirrored coffee tables are not decorative items that you would see every day. These are specialty items that should be used with care and caution, lest you end up breaking them. Broken glass can also cause a few injuries if it is not disposed of immediately.
Are Mirrored Coffee Tables a Good Option?

This all comes down to the sort of ambiance you want your house to have. Mirrored coffee tables are beautiful and look almost like diamonds shimmering in the lamplight. They can give your living room an extremely upper class feel at a very affordable price, and this is worth the effort you have to put into maintaining the glass and making sure it does not crack.

All in all, if you don’t have kids and are generally a careful person, coffee tables made with mirrors can be a great way to spice up your interior design and find an all-purpose fix for your themes.