Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet

Looking for stylish mirrored bathroom cabinets? We bring the latest styles and unique designs in mirrored furniture from leading brand names to meet your needs. Discover our unique range of mirrored cabinets to help store your belongings in the bathroom.

56 x 58cm Mirrored Cabinet
56 x 58cm Mirrored Cabinet
Bring home 56 x 58cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet by Woodluv and lend your bathroom an individual and unique character with this contemporary style. It is crafted from MDF. This sturdy cabinet requir
80x60cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet
80x60cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet
Give your bathroom a trendy yet functional look with contemporary 80 x 60cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet, offered by a leading brand, Old London. It features 2 soft close doors, ivory finish, and ins
Vero 70x79.5cm Mirrored Cabinet
A-Vero 70x79.5cm Mirrored Cabinet
Shop A-Vero 70 x 79.5cm Mirrored Cabinet by Fackelmann and keep your small essential items in style in your bathroom. It features grey oak colour, polished chrome handles, 2 doors with mirror on the i
Saragoza 70x69cm Bathroom Cabinet
Saragoza 70x69cm Bathroom Cabinet
Organize your toiletries in style with gorgeous looking Saragoza 70 x 69cm Wall Mounted Cabinet, sourced from Wildon Home brand. This wall mounted cabinet is made from manufactured wood. Its white fin
Matera 65x72cm Wall Mounted Cabinet
Matera 65x72cm Wall Mounted Cabinet
Wildon Home is a leading furniture brand that offers you Matera 65 x 72cm Wall Mounted Cabinet. This wall mounted cabinet is the perfect blend of functionality, style and beauty. It features melamine
Sleek 44x65cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet
Sleek 44x65cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet
Sleek and stylish, Tavistock’s Sleek 44 x 65cm Mirrored Wall Mounted Cabinet is a perfect addition to any bathroom. This contemporary styled cabinet features aluminium/mirror finish, LED lighting, o
Bathrooms have in the past several decades been somewhat overlooked in the designing of many homes. Long gone are the days when a bathroom cabinet was an afterthought. In ancient houses, a bathroom would be poorly designed and if done well, it would be minute and would ultimately not accommodate a cabinet. Today, bathroom cabinets are essential in so many different ways that house builders are spending time and money to make them stylish, unique and above all practical to suit the increasing versatile needs of the current market.

A mirrored bathroom cabinet is supposed to help you manage the bathroom and the house in general. A good cabinet means that you will not have clutter all over and you will have also increased the functionality of your bathroom. With the decreasing living space and the need to become innovative becoming ever more real, mirrored cabinets are becoming popular.

Reasons why you should consider a mirrored bathroom cabinet
It is stylish – Mirrors will definitely never go out of style. A bathroom with a mirror looks more stylish than one without. A mirrored cabinet is used by many people to complement the stylish plumbing that has been done on the bathroom. With a mirrored cabinet, your bathroom looks bright, elegant, and delightful. They transform a bathroom from a mere restroom to a place where people enjoy spending time in.

It saves and enhances space – Many apartments today are small, at least when compared to older houses. This means that the bathrooms are also smaller in comparison. In order to make the bathroom look bigger, adding mirrored cabinets is one good way to go. A bathroom fitted with mirrored cabinets definitely looks much bigger than one which has no mirrors even though they are of the same size.

Convenience – If you happen to have your mirror outside the bathroom, you will agree that the hassles that come with doing your basic daily chores becomes more. Shaving, applying lipstick, checking facial zits and doing so many other things becomes a lot easier when you have mirrored cabinets. You will enjoy doing all your daily routine stuff inside the bathroom without having to hop around the house every morning.

Versatility – There is a lot that you can achieve when you go for a mirrored bathroom cabinet. Besides making the bathroom multipurpose, you will have the freedom to add lightings, sockets and other things inside. Your cabinets will be transformed to more than storage spaces where you throw in your shower gels.

A mirrored cabinet can be of any shape, colour or size. You can opt to have a mirror covering just one cabinet or you can opt to have one covering every cabinet door. If you are installing a single, moderately sized mirror in your bathroom, you can go for an easy DIY manual. For a person who is renovating their bathroom and they are looking forward to fully revitalizing this room with mirrored bathroom cabinets, it will be helpful if they go for professional expertise.